Australia - The right choice!

Welcome to the land 'Down under'

How can we tempt the world's most sophisticated travellers?

How can we make your clients experience of the world richer, deeper and more memorable?

That's the challenge we set ourselves in designing, from your Request for Proposal's (RFP's), an unforgettable program to Australia.

We will fulfill your every discerning expectation and more. In each location, from sunrise to sunset, we bring you and your clients closer to treasures you will hold in your memory and your heart.

We now invite you to plan for your clients a 'journey of a lifetime.' The following is but a sampling of the creative ways we bring each of our programs to life. To find out more contact us in Australia, or call our USA office today!

The Enchanted Rainforest | Aboriginal Performance | Way Down Deep
Aussie Beach Surf Carnival | Historic Rocks Reception
Spectacular! Moulin Rouge | Sheep Station Bush Carnival
Sydney Harbour Regatta

'The Enchanted Rainforest' - Port Douglas, Australia

Guests had no idea where they were going. They turned off the main street into a narrow road, which became a bumpy, unsealed track winding through the forest. The silhouette of two caped horseman suddenly appeared. They stopped the motor coach and slowly dropped their flaming torches to the ground, sending two spectacular 20 metre trails of fire shooting towards the further depths of the ancient forest.

Stepping onto a red carpet, the guests soon found themselves in a secret grotto, lit only with a magnificent tree of candles. Here they were met by smiling waiters dressed in white sarongs with trays of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

A shy creature of the forest, half man - half beast, approached and beckoned the guests further to reveal a spectacular sight: a table formally set for a silver service banquet amid the forest lavishly decorated with silver candelabras with long hand made candles. The table was scattered with hundreds of red petals. A mountain creek flowed past. Candles and flames on the water and in the ancient trees created an endless play of shadow and light.

The Enchanted Rainforest
'The Enchanted Rainforest'

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Aboriginal Performance - Port Douglas, Australia

For a large incentive awards dinner we delivered an off-site surprise. Guests were welcomed by the haunting wail of a didgeridoo, whilst wisps of mist drifted through the marquee/tent.

Entrance to the marquee was through pulled-back, black velvet drapes, which had been drawn across to one end. The guests stepped back into the darkness as the didgeridoo got louder and the smoke cleared to reveal Aboriginal dancers on the stage. After their performance of ancient dances was complete, a silvery rain-like shower of firework droplets fell in a curtain across the front of the stage while two giant fountains exploded either side with the company's corporate logo.

The dancers departed and a lively band took the stage for guests to dance beneath the southern starlit sky. For those guests who did not want to dance, the green room (a separate area with sofas and coffee tables) was open for port and cigars.

'Aboriginal Performance'

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Way Down Deep, Great Barrier Reef - Australia

“Welcome to the Great Barrier Reef.” An evening of marine inspired entertainment, food and a friendly Aussie welcome to this unique area of the world.

As guests arrive at the pre-dinner area of our hotel, a naughty starfish lying on the ground gives the odd lady a scare by unexpectedly leaping up and then settling back down on the ocean floor again…

In the pre dinner area they are not given much of an idea of what lies beyond… save for the very colourful lighting.

A stilt walking King Neptune arrives as tendrils of smoke curl through the doors into the ballroom…and then the doors open to reveal the world beneath the depths.

Guests find themselves in a secret world, mysterious and beguiling…as if they are swimming just below the water’s surface…light beams cutting through the slight haze and bouncing off bubbles and shimmering fabrics … intelligent lights roam the walls creating an endless arc of ever changing movement, in this ethereal and mysterious environment.

The white draped walls feature clusters of “tube coral” with gently bobbing bubbles. From the ceiling dangles shimmering mylar, billowing gently in the air conditioning, hanging like silvery tendrils.

On the ocean floor, the tables are covered with white, with an overlay of silken gossamer on which sits a glowing “oyster pearl” nestling on an overlay with shells and starfish, with white chair-covers and mother of pearl sashes.

A night with a difference, both stylish and Australian.

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'Aussie Beach Surf Carnival' - Sydney, Australia

Destination Pacific Australia arranged a roped off area on one of Sydney's famous beaches. The highlight of the day was mock beach-Olympics with the bronzed Aussies from the local Surf Life Saving Club. For participants who just wanted to relax, we set up beach chairs and umbrellas whilst waiters supplied sunscreen and soft drink beverages. An Aussie BBQ was available all day in a tent/marquee, where and upbeat band provided music for dancing.

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'Welcome Reception' Historic Rocks Area Sydney
- Sydney, Australia

We delivered a special outdoor event on the Sydney Harbour foreshore, directly overlooking the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. A Town Crier (world champion) and staff with lanterns escorted guests through the historic Rocks area to the venue under a colourful canopy near the water's edge.

A 'stand-up' function was arranged, incorporating beautifully arranged buffet stations featuring Pacific Rim cuisine, plus hot and cold finger food. This superb venue offered an instant and lasting impression of the magnificent city of Sydney.

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Spectacular, spectacular! Moulin Rouge

Experience the magic, glamour, sounds and romance of bohemian Paris, as the Moulin Rouge nightclub is recreated. This multi-award winning musical movie featured Nicole Kidman and was directed by Baz Luhrmann, both Aussies, so how appropriate to experience this great night in Australia.

Great music, rich décor, a range of entertainers including jugglers, snake handlers, femme fatales, magicians, and singers, and props for all guests make this a night to remember.

Guests enter a seductively lit nightclub setting, evoking Paris 100 years ago, with beautiful table settings, and enjoy a superb meal while basking in the heady atmosphere of the decadent Moulin Rouge. Action, colour and entertainment are everywhere.


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'Sheep Station Bush Carnival' - Rural Australia

For a large incentive program wanting a casual day/evening event, we used helicopters to transport participants to a country sheep station in spectacular countryside near the Hawkesbury River in Australia.

As wool is the very core of Australian rural life, the working properties are staffed with very memorable 'outback' characters. Kelpie dogs met the group and the day was themed around a bush carnival with displays running throughout the day; billy tea and damper, sheep mustering, yard work with dogs, sheep shearing and wool classing, boomerang throwing, whip cracking, horseshoe throwing, bush band and roving minstrels, and Aboriginal Corroboree dancers (Australia). A BBQ lunch was set up in a marquee/tent for both indoor and outdoor dining themed with hay bales, tables and chairs.

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Sydney Harbour Regatta

The Harbour Regatta offers a unique and thrilling opportunity for novice & decorated sailors to experience Sydney Harbour. Participants sail aboard a fleet of modern, performance-built yachts. A highly qualified and experienced skipper leads each team guiding and encouraging everyone to take an active part in the steering and sailing of the yacht. A complete yacht manifest will be provided three weeks prior to regatta in order to allocate “teams” in advance. Teams may comprise of 8 thru 22 crew members per vessel. The racecourse is strategically planned for the prevailing winds and to take the yachts close to many of Sydney Harbour’s best attractions. A Brunch or Lunch can precede or follow this great day out.

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