What our clients say about Destination Pacific Australia...

Never in my 35-year business career have I worked with or observed a finer team of professionals than Destination Pacific. You promised us a high level of delivery and exceeded your own promises
CEO – USA Incentive House

As one guest put it every detail of the trip was so professionally orchestrated that I began to believe they controlled the weather.
Senior Vice President Marketing and Communications

Your team’s creativity, dedication to customer, and overall delivery of a quality product made Destination Pacific stand out above your competition. You certainly made our jobs easy…and fun
President, USA Incentive House

We thank you and each one in your group for your service attitude and for your support; for your skills and your way of doing things, all of which work to our benefit.
Mexican Conventions Committee Chairman

Having your organization on our team, was definitely positive for us and it made the difference between a great program and a spectacular one.
Sales Incentive Manager, USA client

Our program was a marvellous success due not only to the beauty of Australia but more importantly the efforts of the DPA team.
Turkish Incentive Client

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